Ancient Greek Lyres

From Ancient Greece to the 21st century, we focus on reconstructing premium and fully functional ancient instruments (such as lyres, barbiton, phorminx, kithara, sambuca, etc.) with the aid of 3d technology &  materials available during the antiquity…

Traditional music instruments

Bouzouki, baglamas, and tzouras handcrafted with love and craftsmanship for producing exceptional sound.

Luthieros Music Instruments

Unique music instruments made with love and luthier passion to produce great music and amazing sound quality… From ancient Greek lyres to modern stringed instruments, everything that is constructed by our family must make us feel proud before releasing it to the world market.


Combining both traditional and modern luthier techniques, we use high-quality materials for an even result. With the tuning mechanism, the sound of the instrument is even more adjustable to the musician’s taste…

a quick snippet from the world of Luthieros

The Pausa

Music Project

Pausa – a secret form of communication

A melody by Rui Fu (voice), Nikos Varelas on the frame drum, and Theodore Koumartzis on the ancient Greek lyre. 


Star Wars song

on a lyre? 

An amazing Star Wars fans’ videoclip by Greek amateur and professional musicians, playing some of ours musical instruments!

“A masterpiece of the epic series of Star Wars played in Ancient Greek instruments!”news247.gr


An Ancient

Music Festival

Each year at a different museum in Thessaloniki or Athens in Greece, the a series of events take place (called “The Gift of Gods”) including an interactive ancient music instruments exhibition, lectures, workshops on how to play a lyre and an ancient frame drum, along with live concerts with world-renowned lyre players!


Ancient luthier's art meets latest 3d technologies, concluding to top-notch musical instruments...

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8 Ancient Melodies for free!

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