Ancient Greek Lyre complete learning method (book)


The seven-string lyre was the «national» instrument of the ancient Greeks for more than a millennium. (8th BC – 4th century AD). The “method of learning ancient Greek seven-string lyre” was based: on the use of a faithfully reconstructed instrument, on the study of all kinds of archaeological and literary sources, but mainly on the experience of the professional musician, on the basis of which we rediscovered the sound and the technical and interpretative possibilities of the lyre.



Dr. Nikos Xanthoulis is a composer, ancient lyre player, researcher and professor of Harmony, Counterpoint and composition at the Conservatory of Athens, Greece. He is also an Assistant Researcher of the Academy of Athens.

For twenty-five years (1983-2008) he served as the principal trumpet player in the Greek National Opera Orchestra and from May 2009 to 2012 he was at the head of the Educational Department of the same Opera. He was Tutor at the Greek Open University (2004-2017).

As a composer and soloist, he has presented his music in Greece and internationally.

His works include translations of the ancient Greek music theoreticians. Xanthoulis has composed many symphonic works, operas, chamber music and incidental music for tragedies using reconstructed ancient instruments.

Dr. Xanthoulis is a Correspondent Member of the Archaeological Institute of America (from 2010).

From 2014 to 2015 he was the Artistic Director of Public Broadcasting Orchestras and Choir (ERT).

Over the last eight years, he has revived the technique of the ancient Greek lyre through his research based on the depictions of pottery and the ancient Greek literature.

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