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The ancient world of music is an amazingly rich place for anyone to explore unassisted. Here are some valuable insights, lovingly curated by our family, to start with if you are a beginner, a professional musician, or even a collector.

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For those ready to invest part of their musical future in an ancient-inspired instrument.
What you choose is who you become. — Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher, 6th century B.C.


From Classical Greece to the 21st century, from ancient lyres to frame-drums and bouzouki-like traditional instruments, with old-fashioned lutherie expertise and the use of modern 3d technologies, we innovate, pushing the boundaries further, serve and care for the modern musician. 

Proudly participate in E.U.’s “We Venture Abroad” (details)

EU ESPA | LUTHIEROS Music Instruments | Koumartzis family | www.luthieros.com


enter a World of Ancient Music

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The essence of a LUTHIEROS instrument is that its sound quality is getting better and better over the years.

we care

musical artifacts of the ancient world

  • The Lyre of Hermes (7 or 9 strings) – Ancient Greek Chelys Lyre – Koumartzis Familia – luthieros.com

    Lyre of Hermes (7 or 9 strings) – ancient Greek lyre

    740.00 840.00 
  • The Lyre of Apollo – Ancient Greek Lyre (Chelys – 11 or 13 strings) – Top Quality HandCrafted Musical Instrument - Koumartzis familia - www.luthieros.com

    Lyre of Apollo (11 or 13 strings) – ancient Greek lyre

    1,290.00 1,390.00 
  • The Lyre of Sappho (8 strings) – Ancient Greek Barbiton Lyre – Koumartzis Familia – luthieros.com

    Lyre of Sappho (8 strings) – ancient Greek barbiton lyre

  • Kithara (Cithara) of the Golden Age, Luthieros Instruments, Koumartzis Familia, luthieros.com

    Kithara of the Golden Age (7 or 9 strings)

    2,400.00 2,650.00 
  • Sale! King Lyre of Pan ( 9strings) - ancient Greek chelys lyre - Luthieros Music Instruments - Koumartzis Familia - www.luthieros.com

    Lyre of Zeus (13 strings) – ancient Greek lyre – Collector Edition

    Original price was: 3,450.00 €.Current price is: 2,950.00 €.
  • Ancient Sambuca – Ancient Harp like Lyre Luthieros Instruments | Koumartzis Familia, luthieros.comAncient Sambuca – Ancient Harp like Lyre Luthieros Instruments | Koumartzis Familia, luthieros.com

    Ancient Sambuca (7 or 9 strings)

    590.00 690.00 
  • Traveler's Lyre - Odysseus' Lyre - 9 strings - wooden soundboard - compact size - the LUTHIEROS team - by the Koumartzis family

    Traveler’s Lyre (or Odysseus’ Lyre) with 9 strings and a wooden soundboard — ancient Greek lyre

  • Lyre of Lina Palera – Ancient Greek Lyre (13 strings) – luthieros.com - Top Quality HandCrafted Instrument - specially designed for Lina Palera

    Lyre of Lina Palera (13 strings), the Aurora Lyre

  • The Wandering Lyre of Thanasis Kleopas – Ancient Greek Lyre (13 strings) – luthieros.com - Top Quality HandCrafted Instrument - specially designed for Thanasis Kleopas

    Lyre of Thanasis Kleopas (13 strings), the Wandering Lyre

  • Sale!

    Special Order for Sunitha Francis (9string lyre)

    Original price was: 1,400.00 €.Current price is: 1,166.00 €.

LUTHIEROS Music Instruments is part of the Innovation Investment Projects, Region of Central Macedonia, mainly funded by ESPA & the European Union. 

We Venture Abroad - LUTHIEROS Music Instruments - Ancient lyres
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