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The ancient world of music is an amazingly rich place for anyone to explore unassisted. Here are some valuable insights, lovingly curated by our family, to start with if you are a beginner, a professional musician, or even a collector.

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For those ready to invest part of their musical future in an ancient-inspired instrument.
What you choose is who you become. — Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher, 6th century B.C.

Βe inspired

by world-renowned musicians around the world


“Game of Thrones” in… Ancient Greece? 

An amazing GoT fans’ videoclip by Greek amateur and professional musicians, playing our workshop ancient replica instruments! Damn worth watching it! “A bit of Ancient Greece, and a bit of Hollywood at the same time! The handcrafted ancient replica lyres by Luthieros are one-of-a-kind!” – e-radio.gr “The Greeks, who revived the ancient lyre, are playing the theme song of GoT!”news247.gr “Wonderful! GoT song played exclusively with ancient Greek lyres!”komistes.gr

Michael Levy playing our Phorminx…  

During his first visit to the homeland of Luthieros, here is Michael Levy playing a fully functional, beautifully handmade 9-string Phorminx!

“Playing with a Luthieros Kithara… 

I’m having terrific fun teaching myself to play the new Golden Age Cithara from LUTHIEROS. One of the most interesting features of these types of instruments is that the movable yoke affects the tuning of each string differently, depending on the physical location of the string on the instrument. […] I understand why the ancient “kitharoides” enjoyed rock star status. These instruments can SING in a unique, very distinctive, human way which is something non-articulated lyres cannot do. I think that is why citharas were often decorated with a human face, with the bridge as the mouth, and the sound holes as eyes (sometimes with carefully painted or inlaid eyebrows).” Peter Pringle

Dr Nikos Xanthoulis playing a custom Barbiton

My collaboration with Luthieros is a pretext for a continuous search. See the wonderful barbitos that they made me with a lot of craftsmanship and love. I hope that the high quality of construction and the beauty of the instrument can be reflected in this video. I will avoid talking about an absolute reference in Antiquity. Anyone can understand that the goal is the approach. No one is able to tell us exactly how the instruments were, or exactly how they were played. We are all in a constant quest on the one hand to approach the ancient Greek facts and on the other to look for the essence of sound and music to an extent of what we can understand today.

Ross Daly with an ancient Kithara

Ross Daly is the originator of the term Contemporary Modal Music, which refers to contemporary compositional works which draw their influences and inspiration from the broader world of Modal musical traditions which are found primarily (although not exclusively) in the vast geographical region between Western Africa and Western China.

“My ancient Kithara, handcrafted by Luthieros Music Instruments, is for me a very interesting challenge. As an instrument is both old and new. It carries a history of many centuries and at the same time_ it is a very modern challenge that requires a creative approach to musical archetypes. After many experiments […] I discover that this instrument has but many extensions and features that are not noticeable at first glance. The construction is both sturdy and thin, and made of quality woods, which are eclectic, stylish and durable.”

Ross Daly,

Luthieros in Hollywood…  

Dear Luthieros,

The lyre was fantastic to play. We made some beautiful textures with it by bowing it. It is featured in a couple of scenes (Ben Hur) being plucked as well. Thanks again for the beautiful instrument. Here’s a picture of Marco and the Marvelous Lyre of Olympus!

Buck Sanders and Marco Beltrami

Marco Beltrami is an American composer best known for his stirring orchestral horror, action, and science fiction film scores, which include multiple collaborations with director/producer Wes Craven for movies like Scream, Mimic (1997), Scream 2, and The Faculty (1998), The Crow: Salvation and Scream 3 (2000), Joy Ride (2001), Resident Evil (2002), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), and Hellboy (2004) (again with del Toro), among other regular work such as on TV’s The Practice. In 2007, he earned his first Academy Award nomination for the western remake 3:10 to Yuma, with another nomination the following year for Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker. The next decade brought continued success in Hollywood, including Scream 4 (2011), The Woman in Black (2012), A Good Day to Die Hard (2013), The Giver (2014), Fantastic Four (with Philip Glass) and Hitman: Agent 47 (2015), and Ben-Hur (2016). For more, read here.

Simmone Jones for Luthieros… 

I make experimental and dark pop music so playing the lyre with my songs is not the most conventional approach. I first took my instrument on my solo acoustic tour through Italy this month. My fans appreciated it very much and everyone was curious about what it was. It is not an instrument you see every day. The instrument itself is a work of art, the kind of instrument that is hand made and no two are alike. The sound is super unique and really special.


A multi-instrumentalist historian meets Luthieros…  

“The herald rose to fetch the hollow lyre (φορμιγγα γλαφυρην) from the palace of the
king…and… boys… struck the sacred dancing floor with their feet… Then, the phorminx-player
(φορμιζων) struck a beautiful song and sang…” -Homer, Odyssey, 8.256-266.

I own several Luthieros instruments, and plan on buying many more. Each instrument has its
own voice, and all of them transport me and inspire me to compose. As soon as I held the Luthieros phorminx and plucked the strings, music resonated. This is the phorminx of the Homeric bards: hollow and clear-voiced (λιγειαν), sonorous to lead a thundering dance, and yet sweet to accompany the rhapsode into an epic lyric. I especially love its vibrato capability, perfect for virtuoso passages or to accompany a passionate vocalization. Every note
I play weaves together a song. Ancient songs sung for one’s private enjoyment need an organic, sweet-toned accompanying instrument to cradle easily, and the 9-string, compact Luthieros chelys lyra is all that. This is
a primal instrument: Tortoise shell soundbox, sound board covered by animal skin, curved
animal horns to hold the wooden crossbar, and gut strings. This is the lyre described when the
instrument was first created by Hermes. It welcomes grief, laughter, and love.

Bettina Joy de Guzman is a multi-instrumentalist and historian who reconstructs and performs Ancient Greek Latin, and world music. She sings authentic ancient poetry and composes with historical instruments using traditional rhythms and interpretations. Previous works have been shortlisted for Grammy nomination, and included in numerous compilations and other media.

Check out her latest collaboration with the prolific and multi-talented Michael Levy: https://bettinajoydeguzman.hearnow.com/

Or her official webpage; https://www.bettinajoydeguzman.com/

A Luthieros lyre in Japan!  

I have received a warm support and an excellent customer survive through Luthieros’s team! The Marvelous Lyre of Olympus (13 string version) is accompanying me at many different activities including live acts, theatre plays and much more!

Whats more, soon a series of lessons in Japanese will be available, spreading Luthiero’s work along with Ancient Greek Civilization across the world!

Futaba Sato

Professional musicians choosing a lyre…  

I met Luthieros at their stand during last year’s Musikmesse Frankfurt (Germany). From the first moment i wanted to make sure that such as beautiful artworks would sound as good as they look like. Soon i realized that i was holding a fully functional instrument (Apollo’s lyre) with 13 strings that you can play in many different ways. The sound is warm and clear because of its soundboard made by goatskin.

Katja Moslehner – Professional musician

Medieval meets Baroque with a Chelys by Hexperos !  

We feel really privileged to be the owners of such a masterpiece, the lyre of Lamia has a distinctive sound and  it is a unique one-of-a-kind instrument, an excellent example of high craftsmanship. We love the lyre of Lamia because it is an inspiring instrument, its warm and evocative sound stimulates our compositions. We feel captured while playing the lyre of Lamia, we really feel the magic which sometimes music can create, a status of alteration of the conscience, like in a dream. We appreciate a lot the good tone quality which last many hours. At this purpose, the wooden handmade case is a precious help so as the additional nylon strings provided. It is made of (and only) natural materials available during the antiquity. This instrument is very beautiful to see and this is an important aspect in our live shows. As soon as you see it, the lyre of Lamia reminds you the ancient Greece or some beautiful ancient paintings on pottery portraying a deity such as Apollo, Hermes or Orfeo playing the lyre.


www.hexperos.com | www.youtube.com/hexperosofficial | www.facebook.com/hexperos

Enchanting instrument…  

Before finding your website, I had no idea about what exactly was an ancient greek lyre or how to play it. I wanted to buy a lyre for my beloved’s birthday, who is very fond of traditional greek music. As it was supposed to be a surprise and out of excitement, I ordered the Lyre of Aphrodite (A 7 strings beauty, same like it’s name) a month in advance. From the very first contact with the Luthieros team, I had a warm and exquisite support. When I first held the lyre in my hands and played, I was lured. The true owner of the lyre loves it, and we both enjoy a lot playing and listening in turn 🙂 The lyre has a deep and enchanting sound. To play and to listen to it is a heart-warming experience.


Asu S., yoga instructor
Istanbul, Turkey

A desire to be finally fulfilled!  

I ve been playing guitar on a professional level for the last 40 years but I always had the desire to dig into the roots of my culture.Through playing the ancient Greek lyre,I could fulfill this desire and open my musical space in even wider spheres. Today my playing with the lyre includes more spiritual and ethnic dimensions.

Thanasis Kleopas Namaste


A travel to Immortal’s Land…  

In a special evening at Tokyo National Museum dedicated to “a Travel to Immortal’s Land”, full with music by three of Luthieros MusicInstruments replicas of Ancient Greek Lyres lighting once again Ancient Greek Civilization.

Katsuya Shirai, Shishin Fujimura,  Futaba Sato

photos: Junko Nagata

A storyteller’s work…  

When I use my lyre for storytelling it gets great interest, and the sound really seems to grip people. It’s quite different from the other string instruments I play, and I really cherish its gutty sound, which seems much more atmospheric than many modern instruments.

Richard York, storyteller in England

A new tool for a multi-instrumentalist…  

“As a multi-instrumentalist specializing in playing stringed instruments from many parts of the world, I love it when I come across something genuinely unique. The Luthieros MusicInstruments Phorminx is such an instrument, with a haunting sound made even more beautiful with the distinctive pitch bending effect. I have always been fascinated with the music of ancient Greece and my phorminx is a dream come true taking my music into new uncharted waters.”

Nick Vest


AIKA with a Chelys…  

AIKA is a musical duo based in Los Angeles California consisting of Aika and Nicolas Farmakalidis. Aika best known for her debut record “Ai-Wo” (EMI Records) which charted TOP 10 and was an international radio success, her classical mastery of the saxophone and flawless vocals, and Nicolas Farmakalidis a producer/songwriter who has worked with artists such as Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Grammy winner Eric Johnson, Rapper Mondo Marcio, Wendy Starland amongst many others.

In anticipation of their widely anticipated new album ‘NO MO GAMES” AIKA releases the lead single “No Mo Games”. Featured on the song is Aika on vocal and sax, Nicolas Farmakalidis on keyboards, Hiroyuki Noritake (from platinum selling band T-Square), Jiro Okada on bass (Prism) and legendary japanese guitar player Masayoshi Furukawa. Produced by Nicolas Farmakalidis for NeilaProductions, this latest single is sure to captivate the audience and create a buzz in the scene. Combination of Indie Pop, Big Band, Flamenco guitars, groovy beats and Aika’s colorful vocals, this song is as stunning of a performance as anything released by AIKA since the 2006 release “AI-WO” (EMI Music Japan).

Praise the rhythm…  

When i have hold this musical instrument cymbal (drum) the first time they told me that it resembled as holding the ”full moon”..

It feels like being one pant with this musical instrument while playing. Its sound transport us to an another time; one with nymphs and fairies and goddesses praising the nature with cymbals and strings.. Congratulations to ”Luthieros music instruments”, for their faith to the good manufacturing of this musical instrument based on the Ancient Greek traditions and the innovation in the tuning system.

Athina Chatzikou – Percussion teacher for children

A Sambuca one of a kind…  

Ailing Sai was born in Tokyo and studied harp under Ms. Ayako Shinozaki at the Kunitachi College of Music and Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Her first album “Hana-Ichirin, A Flower Bringing the Warmth” was released by King Records in 2007 and features music and folk songs of the West and Orient arranged and performed for solo harp. Ailing’s debut recital, held at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in May, 2008, was received with rave reviews and covered by Fox channel × Maybelline NY “Power of Maybe.”

“I found Luthieros’s work through a personal search about ancient reconstructions of actual fully functional instruments. The result was above my expectations; the sound of the Sambuca is absolutely astonishing! Τhis beautiful instrument sounds better than i expected!”

Played in the event that the image of an ancient incense and sound with Eriyo Watanabe , everyone was so pleased with it.
Ailing Sai ( Harpist)


Eriyo Watanabe

A Barbiton lyre in Paris…  

The Lyre has arrived this morning, it so beautiful, I am very pleased! Thank you for the great packaging and fast shipping, I cannot wait to learn how to play this beautiful instrument. Wishing a very beautiful last day of the year, and a beautiful new year to come.

The best way to start 2017!

Schuh Diane – professional musician

The magic Lyre of Apollo…  

The magic Lyre of Apollo, with 11 strings, an incredible music instrument from Luthieros Musical Instruments as a start of a flourishing collaboration. I wanted to thank the Koumartzis family, not only for the generosity and love they’ve shown me, but for their beautiful contribution to the world of music and culture. Your instruments and work are amazing and priceless. I’ve also wanted to show my most sincere gratefulness to Michael Levy for introducing me to the world of the Ancient Lyre, none of this would’ve been possible without this beautiful person, his kindness and his beautiful musical contribution to humanity. Thank you so much to all of you, much love!!!

Antonio Fernández Blázquez – Albacete (Spain)


My so dear friends, I am very happy to let you know that my lyre arrived today! She is very beautiful, even more than I could expect! She arrived in perfect conditions and I really want to thank you for your dedication and care! Thank you so much!! You are amazing people!

Yours very happy and pride owner of the most amazing lyre ever,

Raphael Lautenschlager – Brazil

Ancient Bendir workshop…  

Luthieros’s design and development research provide high quality instruments that are used by my students in our workshop. Its great to see that a luthier can combine professional’s requirements with modern techniques adding such an important feature as tuning in the most sophisticated way. I would strongly recommend an instrument by Luthieros for both students and professional musicians.

Nikos Varelas, professional musician and instructor

Ancient Lyre for everybody…  

During the last three years i had the chance to introduce ancient lyre’s tutorials to more than a hundred of students with no music background at all. My personal experience confirms that Ancient Greek Lyre is an instrument much easier to learn than many of string instruments (classic guitar etc) not only to study ancient Greek melodies and culture but also to compose music.

Lina Palera, professional musician and instructor

Recording with Luthieros lyres…  

Several compositions by ancient lyre virtuoso Lina Palera, playing on top quality and fully functional replicas of ancient Greek lyres made by Luthieros Workshop (as part of the “Lyre 2.0 Project”). Among the others, hear an amazing improvisation on the “Epitaph of Seikilos” melody, or compositions based on surviving ancient or modern melodies!

Michael Levy playing our lyre…  

More than 35 melodies and videos played by the most well-known ancient lyre player around the world, Michael Levy, using exclusively a Luthieros lyre… the “Lyre of Apollo III”. Stay tuned, as this YouTube playlist is being updated quite regularly with new amazing songs!

Ancient Lyre, Ancient Greece, Luthieros Music Instruments, Koumartzis, Ancient Harp

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