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The ancient world of music is an amazingly rich place for anyone to explore unassisted. Here are some valuable insights, lovingly curated by our family, to start with if you are a beginner, a professional musician, or even a collector.

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For those ready to invest part of their musical future in an ancient-inspired instrument.
What you choose is who you become. — Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher, 6th century B.C.


If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.


«The essence of a LUTHIEROS instrument is that its sound quality is getting better and better over the years, more refined in many aspects. »

In our pursuit of the ultimate lutherie perfection, we use both old-fashioned hand-tools and latest technology in order to manufacture instruments efficiently and consistently. By combining expert’s experience and latest technology in different fields (such 3d scanning and rapid prototyping techniques, 3d design and material stress test methods, audio engineering, and an anechoic chamber), we stretch the boundaries of what it takes for a hand-made musical instrument to be considered premium.

In that sense, we are constantly experimenting with new manufacturing techniques, new instruments, new parts for already built instruments etc. It is not an exaggeration to state that we manufacture 4 to 6 “test instruments” to ensure that the 7th will be a premium one and can be sent to our collaborating musicians.

All this research is conducted by LUTHIEROS team, under the supervision and guidance of our R&D manager Nikolaos (Ba, Ma, MSc, PhD), our master luthier Anastasios, and the collaboration of Greek universities and research labs such as the International Hellenic University, the Electronic Media Lab of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki etc. Part of our research can be found both as publications in scientific journals and presentations in conferences (Koumartzis, 2014; Koumartzis, 2015).

What makes our hand-made boutique musical instruments so unique and rare? First, we combine traditional lutherie expertise with latest design & prototyping technologies, in order to ensure top-quality sound consistency and structural integrity. Secondly, every aspect and part of the instruments are designed and manufactured based on the personal approach of a luthier. What’s more, we use almost exclusively natural materials such as specific types of wood that enhance the sound quality, bones and leather (and just the minimum number of metal parts, only to ensure the structural integrity and a long lifetime of the instrument). Finally, the essence of a LUTHIEROS instrument is that its sound quality is getting better and better over the years, more refined in many aspects.

In conclusion, we are a niche music brand, with a declared love for ancient-inspired musical instruments, and we yearn to keep it this way.

Research & publications

// An indicative list

Koumartzis, Nikolaos (2013). The Lyre 2.0 Project: Reintroducing Ancient Lyre into the Modern World, International Hellenic University, Greece.

Koumartzis et al. (2014). Reconstruction of ancient lyres using 3d technologies and methods of sound analysis: The Lyre 2.0 Project, Proceedings of the 7th National Acoustics Conference.

Koumartzis et al. (2015). A New Music Instrument from Ancient Times: Modern Reconstruction of the Greek Lyre of Hermes using 3D Laser Scanning, Advanced Computer Aided Design and Audio Analysis, Journal of New Music Research, 44(4), pages 324-346.

Koumartzis, Anastasios (2010). To Skafto Mpaglamadaki, iWrite Publications, Greece. 

Koumartzis, Anastasios (2007). ANEMO, iWrite Publications, Greece. 

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