With numerous collaborations, plans and productions of musical instruments of the 21st century ...

3d Labs,

Hellenic University of Thessaloniki

In co-operation with the 3d Labs of International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki (the only state English-speaking university in our country), we made 3d scanning and 3d computer target design for the prototyping stage of our archaic musical instruments produced by the laboratory instrument making “Music Instruments Anastasios “. > http://www.ihu.edu.gr/

National Archaeological Museum of Cyprus

In collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and the Cyprus Museum (Archaeological Museum of Cyprus in Nicosia), we organized an exhibition of reconstructions of an ancient lyre with a great participation exceeding any kind of expectations. > exhibition and a concert of an ancient lyre at the Museum

Museum of Byzantine Culture

In collaboration with the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki, we organized the “Gift of the Gods III & IV”, a two-day event devoted to music in Ancient Greece with the participation of musicians from Greece and abroad as well as many workshops, lectures and musical performances. > Gift of Gods III

National ERT3 TV

Several emissions of the official National radio and the ETR3 TV station and two special presentations of our study about the promotion of the culture of Ancient Greece.


Upon a BB4 invitation, Luthieros Music Instruments participated in the “Akala’s Odyssey” show, screened in the UK with millions of viewers all over the world in March 2018. For more, click here.

Sound Labs, 

Department of Journalism, AUTH

In co-operation with the Laboratory to Electronic MME Department of Journalism & Mass Media Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, we worked on sound analysis of archaic musical instruments manufactured in the laboratory of the luthier of “Musical Instruments Anastasios”. More specifically, the audio recordings and analysis were made in collaboration with Dr. C. Kalliris and Doctor of Section Riga Kotsaki. > http://www.jour.auth.gr/

Cremona Mondomusica

The most historic (in terms of violin’s luthier) city in the world hosts the most important string instrument exhibition in Italy every year. In the place where Stradivari and Amati built some of the most important violins of modern history, we were the only Greek exhibitors, participating at the highest level for three whole days.

Ferrara Busker Festival

At the biggest Busker Festival in Europe, Luthieros Music Instruments was represented in August of 2017 with compositions for ancient Greek lyre and duduk.

Passage exhibition

In collaboration with the municipality of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, on the southern coast of France, the Passage exhibition has included for two weeks reconstructions of Ancient Greek Music Instruments. > Cap Ferrat

Department of Antiquities, France

In collaboration with the French Department of Antiquities, we had the opportunity to present the research and the sound of reconstructed ancient Greek music instruments for music teachers at an event that was co-organized by the French Ministry of Culture.

iWrite Publications,

Pigi Publishing House

In collaboration with the creative studio iWrite.gr and Standard Editions Source, the luthier Anastasios Koumartzis has issued two books – luthier guides entitled “Skafto Baglamadaki” and “A.N.E.M.O.”, which enjoyed great success in the ranks of amateur and professional instrument makers, with hundreds of sales and readers all over Greece and many countries abroad.. > http://www.iwrite.gr/

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