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Imagine yourself playing an ancient lyre in front of a large audience and being able to use distortion or echo effects controlled by pedals, or even more being able to loop, edit and record your music in real time with the aid of a sound card!

The only barrier of converting your ancient instrument to a modern electroacoustic one has now been breached, thanks to the top-quality piezoelectric audio capsule that is now available through Luthieros Music Instruments. With the help of the Audio Labs of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Journalism Dept.), an extensive R&D phase is now completed and a research paper is already accepted to be published at the Athens Acoustics Conference 2016!

Luthieros Audio Capsule is especially designed to be used with all the models of our ancient lyres and stringed instruments. What’s more, the final product is aesthetically enhanced with thoughtful wooden touches, and securely packaged in a beautiful paperboard box (ideal for storing and moving around the audio capsule).

No matter what Luthieros instrument you have (lyre, barbiton, phorminx, cithara, sambuca etc.), this audio capsule is ideal for converting it to a fully working electroacoustic music instrument.

Take a taste of Luthieros Audio Capsule’s endless possibilities by watching one of our lyre’s players using our new product!

Challenges during the R&D phase

The use of custom piezoelectric sensors is a challenge because of the nature of the soundbox’s top, which is made from animal skin. The secret was to use this vibrating membrane as our main source of sound. The results were amazing, both in terms of sound quality and sound fidelity.

Before coming to the membrane as vibrations, the sound is initially generated by the plucking of the strings. The sound travels through the wooden bridge and vibrates the membrane of the instrument. The in-depth understanding of all the above was crucial in deciding what specific characteristics Luthieros Audio Capsule’s sensors must have and where to be placed in the soundbox’s top in order to be able to record the most complete frequency range possible.

* Luthieros Audio Capsule can be used by musicians using some ancient instruments constructed by other luthiers too. Just ask us!

All You Need to Know About Our Accessories

Thoroughly tested with our musical instruments

For every music accessory that Luthieros team produce or propose to its customers, thorough recurrent testing phases take place quite often to ensure the highest possible compatibility.

No extra shipping cost

No extra shipping cost in case you combine (in one order) this item with one of our musical instruments or another product.


Worldwide delivery with package tracking at any given time.

"All of these beautiful lyres, lovingly hand-crafted by Luthieros are indeed, divine artifacts, reintroduced into the modern world… " - Michael Levy, a world-renowned lyre player. Read his extended review here.

"The Koumartzis familia have been making replicas of ancient Greek instruments for many years, used by famous lyre players. They also contribute to their musical passions through research and collaborations." - Ancient History Encyclopedia. Read the extended tribute here.

"My ancient Kithara, handcrafted by Luthieros Music Instruments, is for me a very interesting challenge. As an instrument is both old and new. It carries a history of many centuries and at the same time_ it is a very modern challenge that requires a creative approach to musical archetypes. After many experiments […] I discover that this instrument has but many extensions and features that are not noticeable at first glance. The construction is both sturdy and thin, and made of quality woods, which are eclectic, stylish and durable." - Ross Daly, a professional world musician of Irish descent.

"Electric guitars are very often provided with vibrato, tremolo or whammy bars. That concept was in fact invented by the ancient Greeks twenty four hundred years ago. Kithara was a musical instrument very popular during the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. This is a reproduction that was made by the Greek master luthier Anastasios Koumartizis of Luthiers Music Instruments." - Peter Pringle, a professional Canadian musician, and well-known ancient instruments player. Watch his extended video review here.

"It’s handcrafted with such care and the materials are fine and well chosen. It arrived to us safely all the way from Greece and we were able to track it all the way so we always knew what was happening." - Rachel Loeb, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (verified review through

"Absolutely fantastic! A truly wonderfully crafted instrument. I can’t put it down. It feels wonderful to play and is transporting me back in time." - Sarah Tilsley, West Sussex, U.K. (verified review through

"Can't be happier with my lyre! Learning how to play this amazing piece of art! The lyre has amazing finishes and you can feel it's made with love and skilfull hands." - Jaume Gual Bennàssar, Balearic Islands, Spain (verified review through

"Amazing company! I was very skeptical about ordering an instrument online but it was packaged very safely and arrived in such a timely manner! Luthieros also has some of the best communication skills I've ever encountered with a company, I had many questions that were all answered with great detail shortly after I asked them." - Batherus Batherus, New York, U.S.A. (verified review through

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